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What Sets Litigation Funders Apart?

5 Factors to Consider

What Sets Litigation Funders Apart?

As litigation funding becomes mainstream, a new litigation funder seems to open nearly every week.  Indeed, Google searches for “litigation funding” and “litigation finance” yield dozens of ads by various entities seeking to invest in litigation.

A business looking for funding may not know where to begin.  To help, we have compiled a list of topics for businesses to consider as they evaluate their options.

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Parabellum Launches Special Situations Group, Led by Jarvis Buckman

Parabellum’s Special Situations Group has officially launched.  To read PE Hub’s coverage and Parabellum’s press release, click here.

The group is led by Jarvis Buckman.  As Parabellum’s Director of Special Situations, Jarvis analyzes and sources distressed situations to find investment opportunities across complex corporate situations and capital structures.

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Arbitration Can Be Expensive

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Arbitration is an extremely popular mechanism for the resolution of commercial disputes.  One of the main advertised benefits of arbitration is that it is more cost-effective than traditional litigation.  While this is often true, it does not mean that arbitration is always cheap.  Indeed, filing, administrative, and arbitrator fees in major disputes can be substantial.

In addition, while arbitration costs are typically recoverable by the prevailing party, the risk of losing alone can deter parties from bringing an arbitration to enforce their rights.

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Retaining Options Before Retaining Counsel

The Benefits of Working with Parabellum as Early in the Litigation Process as Possible

Lawyer Up by Shanahan - Litigation Funder First

Your company has a sizeable legal claim.  So shouldn’t you call an attorney first, and a litigation funder later?  While it may seem counterintuitive, retaining counsel before exploring other options can severely limit your company’s ability to strike an advantageous arrangement for pursuing its claim.  Engaging early with Parabellum preserves options for your company to achieve its litigation goals.

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