About Us

About Parabellum Capital

Who We Are.

Parabellum Capital is a specialty finance company dedicated to financing the business of law. We are the continuation of the litigation finance business begun at Credit Suisse in 2006, which was spun off as the wholly independent company Parabellum Capital on January 1, 2012. Parabellum's principals pioneered the business of large commercial claims investment in the U.S. They were among the earliest U.S. investors to recognize the value embedded in litigation assets, forming the Legal Risk Strategies & Finance Group at Credit Suisse, where they became recognized leaders in the commercial litigation and arbitration claims investing business. Parabellum will expand upon the expertise, experience, and relationships developed by the investment team to continue to serve the market as the leading source of capital for large commercial litigation-related and other legal financing needs.

Our Distinctive Approach.

Having pioneered the large commercial litigation investing business in the U.S., we are the partner of choice for institutional litigants and elite law firms and business litigation counsel. We offer a newly expanded set of innovative risk sharing solutions for corporate litigants and their counsel. By taking risk with clients and alongside counsel, we are uniquely positioned to help corporate litigants contain the costs and risks of pursuing legal claims and to unlock the value of highly contingent claims, while enabling law firms to gain exposure to premium, performance-based billing. Our product set is merely the starting point -- for each transaction is a specifically tailored solution to fit the often-complex needs of clients and counsel. We pride ourselves on being the best solution-builders in our industry. Our distinctive approach is built upon the following core principles:

Our Work.

After almost six years creating and developing the leading legal finance business at a global investment bank, the Parabellum team now brings its expertise, experience, and successful track record to a new and independent platform. With an expanded set of products and key strategic alliances, we will continue serving the corporate and commercial litigation market. Our focus will continue to be on offering solutions for corporate claims or litigation-related capital needs across the full spectrum of commercial and business litigation: breach of contract; fraud; insurance; securities; real estate; environmental; trade secrets; patent and intellectual property claims; antitrust; international arbitration and cross-border disputes; joint-venture and shareholder disputes; bankruptcy- and insolvency-related litigation; and other large-ticket commercial matters.